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  • To Mr. J. Bennett

    I just want to say a big Thank you for giving me the smile I've always wanted

    You have given me the confidence to now smile you are a fantastic dentist, and you really have changed my life.

    Love From
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To James and all the girls,

Thank you all so much for putting up with me, while I’ve been getting my teeth done. you all deserve a medal!

I’m delighted with my new teeth, I’ve finally got the smile that :’ve always wanted!

Once again Thank you all, I promise I’ll be good in future!


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Dear Mr. James Bennett.

First of all i would just like to Thank you again for giving me the smile I have always wanted

At my first appointment at the Liverpool Smile Studio i was so nervous and scared as i wasnt sure what work i would be getting done on my teeth or even how i would pay but after speaking with vicky who deal with me from the beginning she explained to me different ways i could pay and then finding me the one that suited me best which i was really happy about.

At my first check up with yourself Mr. Bennett you made me feel really at ease explaining to me how you could give me a smile makeover. this again i was nervous about as i didn’t know ahat to expeet but you and your dental nurse maria were so kind and helpful in asvising me what work to have done on my teeth at each appointment with you i was made to feel really caim and relaxed. Im only 23 yrs old and thought i would never be able to smile again but now i can and thats down to you. I would also like to thank your dental nurse maria and vicky for really taking care of me. I am so happy with my new Teeth. I can’t stop smiling at really has changed my life.

Thank you
Maria Faragher, Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

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Dear Mr. Bennett,

I would Like to thank you and your staff for giving me the confident to have a bridge fitted, It was only when lookinf at holiday photographs that I realized what having a missing tooth looked like; a gaping black hole. I become very self-conscience about smiling.

I am absolutely delighted with my new teeth. Mr Bennett talked me through all the options open to me, taking time to explain everything in detail,

I then went to see Vicky who explained the procedure to me answering any questions that I had, putting my mind at ease. Shwe also gave me a breakdown of the costs entailed.

The procedure I had was painfree and all completed in two weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Bennett and his staff concerning all aspects of dentistry.

I am thrilled with the result and can now smile with confidence so thank you all and again.

Yours Sincerley,
Norma Cowell

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