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Our team will provide patients with world-class expertise, advanced technology, and outstanding customer service in a relaxing atmosphere. Our dentists have years of experience and advanced training allowing us to provide implant dentistry at the highest possible level.

Our services include:

  • Treatment Planning

  • Second opinions

  • Implant placement & restoration

  • Single tooth replacement

  • Multiple tooth replacement

  • Full arch reconstruction

  • Implant retained over-dentures

  • Sinus lifting / augmentation


The high expectations of today’s well educated and informed patients, demands an integrated approach to implantology. Traditionally, implants have been placed by oral surgeons with little knowledge and understanding of the demands of restorative dentistry. If this is the case, then the final position of the implant can limit the aesthetics of the final result. In other words, the implant dictates the position of the tooth.

We can take care of the entire process from beginning to end, from the initial assessment right through to final restoration of the new tooth. One surgeon is responsible for the whole treatment. Or we would be delighted to involve you at the treatment planning stage and restoration stage.

There are to date over 600 implant systems on the market throughout the world. Few companies or systems are backed by scientific research and development. They simply create clones of other systems and are often considered of poorer quality. Our standards at Bangor Cosmetic & Implant Centre dictate that we use only the best, most tried and trusted systems backed by the most comprehensive research. That is why we use implants approved by the International Team for Implantology (ITI) such as the Straumann and Astra systems.

Patients will attend for an initial consultation where all aspects of their concerns will be addressed. A full written treatment plan will be formulated and once it is appropriate to commence treatment, the patient should be assured that the highest standard of treatment and aftercare will be provided.

We are keen to see the integration of treatment extend to you, the patient’s trusted GDP. So you are welcome to become involved in restoring your implant cases or to observe your patients under treatment. We can offer advice, and mentoring to facilitate your initial involvement in this rapidly expanding area of dentistry. Alternatively, we can return the patient with a completed restoration. All referring GDP’s will be provided with full treatment plans and updated with patient progress. Immediate aftercare will also be provided at Bangor Cosmetic & Implant Centre.


We all know that it is now considered a dentist’s legal duty to offer implants as one of the alternatives for treatment of a missing tooth and that the easiest time to plan an implant with regard to bone maintenance is at the point of extraction. We can provide you with patient information literature, which can help you to discuss treatment options with your patients.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can create problems for general practitioners and patients alike, and this can interfere with more creative and rewarding treatment plans. The extraction of wisdom teeth for example is not a good “practice builder”. Patients can be anxious and may be in pain whilst waiting to receive specialist treatment. We have a friendly and experienced team to deal with your oral surgery needs. Because of the convenient referral system and easy communication, your patient will get the treatment they need when they need it most. Equally, if you are planning a course of treatment which includes difficult extractions, pre-prosthetic surgery or an apicectomy, we can provide the surgery to fit in with your patient and your treatment plan. If you are anything like other practitioners we have worked with, you’ll find your patients respond extremely well to the offer of an alternative to a hospital referral which involves less waiting and gives them more control.

Our services include:

  • Difficult extractions

  • Buried or fractured roots

  • Removal of wisdom teeth

  • Apicectomies

  • Cyst removal

Intra-venous sedation

Most people can manage dental treatment with little more than some slight anxiety. For some people however, going to the dentist is a lot more difficult. If patients avoid getting much needed dental care out of fear and anxiety, or if the thought of going to the dentist makes them feel anxious or nervous, then sedation dentistry is the solution.

Sedation dentistry allows a patient to be calm and drowsy whilst still remaining in control. Our specialist sedation centre will receive referrals from other dental practices throughout North Wales and also from patients who found their experience with sedation dentistry to be life changing. We are happy to provide a full range of restorative dentistry, routine extractions and oral surgery with sedation.


Endodontics can be a difficult and time-consuming treatment for most dentists. The unpredictable nature of root canal treatment together with the increased demands and expectations of patients makes this such a specialised procedure. We appreciate that with the constraints placed upon many practitioners, the skills and equipment necessary to deliver the greatest prognosis for root canal treatment is not always possible. We are happy to accept referrals for endodontics to fully restore the tooth or to return the patient for you to complete the restoration.

Cosmetic dentistry

As an extension of your existing treatment options we are glad to welcome any referrals for all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. For second opinions, advice or treatment we can provide your patients with the following procedures:

  • Smile Makeovers

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

  • Gingival contouring

  • Dentures

  • Facial Aesthetics


Many patients will ask you how they can have straight teeth but they don’t want to wear traditional, metal braces. Invisalign can help a variety of orthodontic concerns and studies have shown it can be better for a patient’s dental hygiene during treatment as well.

Invisalign is an innovative treatment for straightening teeth. In addition to the aesthetic and comfort advantages, Invisalign® offers a number of significant clinical benefits including:

  • Predictable treatment, as Invisalign® is planned in advance, dentists can more accurately predict when treatment will be finished

  • Improved periodontal health through better dental hygiene during treatment

  • Greater treatment visibility and easier planning with treatment computer software

  • Custom manufacture means a tailored match to your patient’s teeth, for reduced irritation and fewer problems


We can advise whether Invisalign® is the best treatment for your patient and you will be amazed at the results Invisalign can achieve.

Patient Care Co-ordinator

We have a team of experienced patient care- coordinators who are available every day. If you have a problem, they will sort it out. From arranging appointments, discussing treatment options and payments, or to keep you up to date with the progress of your patient’s treatment, do not hesitate to speak with them.

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